Trivia about Linn County

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Walt Disney grew up in Marceline and modeled Disneyland's Mainstreet U.S.A. after his hometown.

During the Civil War, a newspaper was published in Linn County, Missouri uniquely named Unterrified Democrat.

Walsworth Publishing Company in Marceline is the fourth largest publisher of yearbooks in the country.

Disney Elementary School in Marceline has a mural featuring Pluto, Bambi, and other characters that was painted in 1960 by Disney Studio artists.

Walt Disney Elementary School is the only grade school in the world allowed to fly a Mickey Mouse flag.

Linn County's first courthouse was a log building measuring 36 X 20 feet. It cost $516.50 to build.

Locust Creek Covered Bridge is the longest of the four surviving covered bridges in the state.

Laclede is the home of General John J. Pershing who was the highest ranking military officer in history. His special title of General to the Armies made him seond in all-time rank only to George Washington.