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The first settler on the town site was Colonel John Holland, who came from Virginia to Linn County in the early spring of the year 1834, and located his claim on the section whereon the capital of the county now stands. Up to 1847, however, ten years after the establishment of the seat of justice, the following persons had either been residents of the place or property owners therein:

E. T. Denison

Charles F. Gibbs

Beverly B. Estes

Mathew Dale

John Shepherd

Alexander Ogan

James Pendleton

Joseph Auberry

Lyman Stearnesq

James Carson

Robert W. Holland

Marshall Harrison

James C. Connelly

Elkanah Bounds

Samuel D. Sandusky

Wesley Haliburton

Elizabeth Flournay

David P. Woodruff

William Saunders

William B. Woodruff

Henry T. Grill

B. Philbert

Kenneth A. Newton

William Bowyer

John Walkup

Beverly Nece




Artemas V. Nece

William R. Smith

Martha A. Doisseau

Hezekiah E. Sutton

John J. Flood

George W. Smith

M. H. Williams

Jacob E. Quick

William Harrison

Henry T. Drown

James Reid

Henry Wilkinson

William M. Long

William Murrain,

A. D. Rawlins,

Benjamin Russell,

R. W. Foster,

Irwin Ogan,

Samuel Iles,

John McClintock,

Dolding R. Ashbrook,

Jackson Flourney,

Susan Lane,

John Phillips,

Elijah Kemper,

William Clarkson,

Meredith Drown,

Ennis Reid,

H. H. Gibson,

H. E. Hurlbut,

John T. Stockard,

John B. Relph,

Benjamin Prewitt,

Edward Hoyle,

R. J. Menifee,

T. T. Easley,

John U. Parsons,

John Barr,

James Davis,

Joseph Phelps,

Dr. James Dell,

Dennett Phillips,

Charles Dodie,

_ Giten,

Samuel Dell,

John Lane,


John Pullis,

Samuel Pullis,

John Bell,


Colonel William H. Moberly

... March 7, 1845 - And it is further ordered that John G. Flourney, Edward Hoyle, Alexander Carroll, Marshall Harrison, and William M. Long be and they are hereby appointed trustees of said town, as aforesaid, to hold their offices respectively until their successors are elected and qualified.