City of Laclede

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Laclede was laid out August 19, 1853, by Henry W. Cross, of Brunswick, J. L. Worlow, a Mr. Eastman, and J. M. Clark.  This store was built by Thorton T. Easley, of Linneus, for Jacob E. Quick, and was situated on block twelve, corner lot. A post office was established in 1855, and Aaron Quick was appointed postmaster. Joseph Hamburger, having got his house in order, kept the first boarding house in Laclede.  The second business house was Mr. Hedrick's and the third belonged to M. G. Roush, who is a hale and hearty old man.   T. W. Long put up a house where the Central Hotel now stands.  In 1857 the-first male child was born within the corporate limits Frank Dick, son of James and Jane Dick, born in August, 1857. The first female child was Charlotte Frances, daughter of Moses G. and Mary Elizabeth Roush, born July 27, 1857. This child is now the wife of Mr. Charles L. Molton, and at present resides at Burlington, Iowa. The first regular physician was Dr. C. M. Robinson, who came in year 1858. He is, or was, when last heard from, a citizen of Bentonville, Arkansas.

That W. J. Porter, John L. Reynolds, John F. Pershing, John Lomax, and R. W. Mitchell be and they are hereby appointed trustees of said corporation and that the same take effect from the sixth of March 1866.

Source: History of Linn County, Missour 1882