Cemeteries of Linn County

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Our thanks to Sherry Baker for this complete listing and the location information!

Cemeteries which are listed in the US Geographic Names Information Service are indicated by *:
Abbot Cemetery North Salem Township
Anderson Cemetery Bucklin Township
Baker, Andrew Cemetery Baker Township
Baker, Bolin Cemetery Baker Township
Baker-Findley Cemetery North Salem Township
Baker, G. V. Cemetery Jackson Township
Baker, George W. Cemetery North Salem Township
Baker, Jerome Cemetery North Salem Township
Bailey Cemetery Grantsville Township
Banning Cemetery Brookfield Township
Baugher Cemetery* Baker Township
Bear Branch Cemetery Grantsville Township
Becket Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Bethel Cemetery (East Strawberry)* Clay Township
Botts Cemetery* Clay Township
Bowyer Cemetery Parsons Creek Township/ Locust Creek Township
Brown Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Brownlee Cemetery Bucklin Township
Bull Cemetery North Salem Township
Calhoun Cemetery* Jackson Township
Calvary Baptist (Garner) Cemetery North Salem Township
Cash Cemetery* Bucklin Township
Cassity Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Cherry Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Couch Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Coulson Cemetery Bucklin Township
County Farm Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Crail & Moore Cemetery Baker Township
Dry Ridge Cemetery*
Also known as Bennett and Mundell Cemetery
Benton Township
Dryden Cemetery* Locust Creek Township
Elmwood Cemetery * Marceline Township
Elmwood IOOF Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Enterprise Cemetery Enterprise Township
Ford Cemetery Jackson Township
Fore Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Forman Cemetery Parsons Creek Township
Fosher Cemetery Grantsville Township
Gilmer Cemetery Benton Township
Gooch Cemetery* Benton Township
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Grantsville Cemetery* Grantsville Township
Grove Hill Cemetery
Also known as Guyer Baptist Cemetery
Grantsville Township
Hayes Cemetery Jackson Township
Haseville Cemetery Jackson Township
Hooker Cemetery* Jackson Township
Jenkins Cemetery* Benton Township
Jones Cemetery Grantsville Township
Keithley Cemetery Jackson Township
Kille & Pace Cemetery Grantsville Township
King Cemetery Yellow Creek Township
Kirk Cemetery North Salem Township
Laclede City Cemetery Jefferson Township
Liberty Memorial Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Linhart Cemetery Yellow Creek Township
Linn-Bethel/Grant Cemetery Parsons Creek Township
Locust Creek Cemetery Jefferson Township
Long Branch Crossing Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Magnolia Cemetery Clay Township
Martin Cemetery Grantsville Township
Masonic Cemetery, Bucklin Bucklin Township
Maxwell Cemetery Jefferson Township
McBeth Cemetery Brookfield Township
McCollum Cemetery* Yellow Creek Township
McCollum Cemetery North Salem Township
Meadville Cemetery Parsons Creek Township
Mennonite Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Moore Cemetery Baker Township
Moore-Mullins Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Morris Chapel Cemetery Jackson Township
Mount Olive Cemetery* Jackson Township
Mount Olivet Cemetery Marceline Township
Murrain Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Nester Chapel Cemetery Baker Township
New Boston Cemetery Baker Township
New Garden Cemetery* Locust Creek Township
North Salem Cemetery North Salem Township
North Swedish Cemetery Baker Township
Ogle Cemetery Benton Township
Old Bucklin Cemetery Bucklin Township
Old Linneus Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Old New Garden Cemetery Yellow Creek Township
Park Lawn Memory Gardens Brookfield Township
Parsons Creek Cemetery Clay Township
Patterson Cemetery Clay Township
Peavler Cemetery* North Salem Township
Phillips Cemetery Jackson Township
Pierce Cemetery Benton Township
Pleasant Grove North Cemetery* Baker Township
Pleasant Grove South Cemetery* Baker Township
Pleasant Shade Cemetery Jackson Township
Pleasant View Cemetery Yellow Creek Township
Prather Cemetery* Benton Township
Price Cemetery* North Salem Township
Pulliam Cemetery* Baker Township
Purdin Cemetery* Benton Township
Putman Cemetery North Salem Township
Ray Cemetery Baker Township
Ridings Cemetery Jefferson Township
Rose Hill Cemetery Brookfield Township
Saint Bonaventure Cemetery* Marceline Township
Saint Michaelīs Cemetery Brookfield Township
Sensentaffer Cemetery Jefferson Township
Sights Cemetery Bucklin Township
Smith Cemetery* Jackson Township
Snyder/Bigger Cemetery* Jefferson Township
Southerland Cemetery*
South Swedish Cemetery Bucklin Township
Sportsman Cemetery Yellow Creek Township
Stains Cemetery* Marceline Township
Stein Burying Ground Marceline Township
Strawberry West Cemetery Clay Township
Stufflebean-Baker Cemetery North Salem Township
Swetman Cemetery Bucklin Township
Swinford Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Switzer Chapel Cemetery Bucklin Township
Thayer Cemetery Bucklin Township
Thorne Cemetery Locust Creek Township
United Brethern Cemetery
Also known as Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
Enterprise Township
Venable Cemetery Jackson Township
Ware Cemetery Grantsville Township
Watkin Cemetery Jefferson Township
Wesley Chapel Cemetery Benton Township
West Liberty Cemetery Locust Creek Township
Worley Cemetery* North Salem Township
Wright Cemetery Marceline Township
Wyandotte Cemetery Bucklin Township
Wyant Cemetery* Baker Township
Yount Cemetery Jefferson Township