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SUBMITTED BY: Anna Lou Smith 58 Club Grounds North Florissant, MO 63033

In 1993, my husband and I visited the old Webb Family Cemetery, 2.5 miles north of Holliday, Missouri, in Monroe County. It is located in a field on the south side of County Highway F, one quarter mile east of County Highway A. This is in Township 55, Range 11, Section 22. The cemetery is fenced but completely overgrown.

Burd S. Webb and his wife Mary E. (Polly) Beard Webb are my great great grandparents. We found the tombstone of Mary E. Webb, but none for her husband. As I felt sure that he was buried there also, we poked around in the groundnext to her grave and discovered Burd Webb's stone completely buried. We were unable to uncover it and stand it up against its original base.

Listed below are the stones we found:

Burd S. Webb Mary E. Webb, 1 March 1870 November 7, 1863

age 68 yrs 1 M 18 ds 69th yr

William B. Webb Margaret Webb

April 10, 1874 Wife of W. B. Webb

47 yrs 2 M August 30, 185?

Age 28 yrs

George W. Webb Susan S. Chinn Webb

Born December 25, 1829 born January 1, 1831

died January 2, 1886 died May 10, 1907

age 75 yrs 4 M 10 D

Mary L. Webb James Wm. Catlett

daughter of May 10, 1827

T. F. & M. G. Webb September 4, 1926

died September 25, 1849 Aged 93 yrs 3 M 24 D

Age 2 yrs 5 M 14 D

We took pictures of these stones if anyone is interested. I hope you will find this information helpful.