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  Linn County Abstacts of Wills 1840-1860

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Linn County was formed in the year 1837 from Chariton County. The records given below are abstracted from microfilm copies of two books, filmed by the compilers, in the probate office in Linneus, missou ' ri. The wills in Book "All begin with January 1840 and we have abstracted the estates through the year 1860. It will be designated as (W:p,age 1). The Administrative Bonds, Book covers the years 1840-1860 (B:page 1).

All names of persons and their relationships, names of places, and. dates have been included in it-hese abstracts. To conserve spare, punctuation has been eliminated where pOSS4 ble and many incomplete sentences are used.

Abbreviations used in these records: Admr., - Administrator;

Admrx., Adminisi--ratrix; Exr., - Executor; Exrx., - Executrix;

Admr. de bonis non, - when --for some reason the previous admr. or.

exr. has not corap-let-ed settlement of an estate, and the court

appointed a new one; G&C - Guardian of the per3vn and curator

of the estate: Witnesses; Sec., - security, or those who

vouched -for 1--Dn@f -posted by the executor or admr.; L/T - Letters

testamentary; died intestate, without a will.

ALBERT9 NEWTON F., int. Admr, David Alexander, 4 Aug 1853. Sec,

B. H. Merrick & James Root. (B:96

ALEXANDER, EDMUND, int. Admr, Thornton L. Easley, 4 Feb 1846.

Sec, John J. Flood & jeremiah Phillips. (B:27) Thornton T.

Easley has been appointed G&C of James J., George, Mary & Richard

Alexander, minor heirs of the decd, 7 June 1852" Sec, H. T.

McClanahan & Jacob Smith. (B:76

ALLEN, DAVID, int. Admr, loiesley Halliburton, 8 Mar 1850. Sec,


Benjamin F. Burt & Elijah Kemper. CB:45-46)(Note: judging from

the records preceeding and following this entry, it should be

about 1848.)

ALLEN, DAVID H., decd. Beverly Neece appointed G'C of Sarah

Allen, minor heir ol-i" decd, I Dec 1856. Sec, Joseph C. Moore &

Jeremiah Phillips. (B:151

ANDERSON, JAMES, int. Admr, !-be! F. Molloy, 5 Aug 1846. Sec, Thompson K. - Neal a, Smith Ward. (B:31

AUSTIN, ALBERT, int. Admr, Hay 3. Flournoy, 30 Jan 1840. Sec, Henry Bowyer & James C. Glack. (E:1-2

AUSTIN, JOEL, int. Admrx, Sarah Austin, 16 May 1855. S e c, Wm. Knight. Heirs: wife, the admrx, and 4 children, to wit, Tba Aldrige resides in state of Ark; John Austin resides in Kansas

Terr; and the other two in Linn Co. (B:127-128 .

BAKER, BOLING(BOLNE), int. Admr, Robert Baker, 3 Nov 1840. Sec, Stephen McColum & John L. Lewallyn. (B:4-5)

BOLING, int. Admr, Samuel Baker, 3 Sept 1846. Sec, N.J.

BAKER, Dryden, Baalane M. Baker, John R. Baker, Andrew J. Baker & Reuben Couch. (B:36 & 38)