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Linn County MO Enhanced Deed Index

During research of my family in early Linn County, I quickly discovered the shortcomings of the deed books´ indexes, the most notable being many transactions and names were not listed or not listed correctly. I was never certain I had not overlooked someone. This concern caused me to start a project to create a new index.

I read each and every transaction in Deed Book A and have created a book I call "Enhanced Index to Linn County, Missouri Nineteenth Century Courthouse Deed Records Book A, 1837-1845." It contains a brief listing of all deed transactions in Deed Book A, along with all names mentioned in each recording. For the sheriff´s sales, I have listed the names of the people whose property was sold, something missing from the county indexes. All transactions are listed in five different indexes sorted by grantor, grantee, transaction date, recording date, and deed book page order. Finally, all names listed in my document, including Missouri state and county officials, are indexed to allow you to find directly the page of the corresponding transaction.

My index has more than 1400 entries pointing to our ancestors´ names, including spouses. As a result of my research on this document, I estimate the actual deed recordings mention two to four times as many unique individuals as recorded in the county grantor and grantee indexes. If you research early Linn County deeds, you won´t be disappointed.

I am offering my book, 111 pages, to everyone at my cost of $15.00, which includes postage. For more information or to order the book, please or via snail mail at:

Neil S. Smith
3315 Appalachian Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203
573 446-0933

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