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  History of Bucklin


Other Settlements

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Wyett's Settlement -

Probably the first settler within what are now the confines of Bucklin township was Mr. Sampson Wyatt, who is still living. Mr Wyatt states that he came originally from the State of Tennessee to Chariton county, and on the twenty-fourth of March, 1835, came to and settled upon the southeast quarter of section twenty-nine, township fifty seven, range eighteen. His nearest neighbor, then lived on Mussel Fork, six miles east; on the south the nearest was ten miles away in Chariton county. His only other neighbors were the Bowyers, Yountt and the other settlers in the neighborhood of Linneus. Shortly after Mr. Wyett came there arrived the following pioneer settlers: Samuel Mapes, from Illinois in 1836; John Guyer, from Kentucky, in 1837 William Kennedy from Kentucky, in 1837; Mordecai Lane from Kentucky, in 1838; Josiah Watson, from Kentucky, in 1836. The first marriage in the neighborhood was that of Alfred McDaniel and Nancy M. Lane, at the house of the bride's father, in 1838 or 1839. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Joshua Lawson, and there was a general attendance of all the settlers for miles around.

The first child born in the township-at least, in this neighborhood, was Eliza J. Wyett, daughter of Sampson and Emily Wyett, the date of which was February 18, 1837. The first death was that of the wife of  John Beeler, who died in 1839. The first practicing physician was Dr. John F. Powers, who came from Ohio in 1841. Reverend Thatcher, a Methodist, was the first minister... Jacob Coulson was the first school teacher, and taught the first school in 1839, in a little log school house built by the settlers on section twenty-nine....

On the northwest quarter of section twenty-nine, township fifty eight range nineteen, is a cemetery laid out by James Ainsworth and Sampson Wyett in 1844.

Watson's Settlement - James H. Watson states that his father, Josiah Watson,dame from Chariton county (originally from Kentucky) to this county and township in 1816... In the same year came John Guyer, from Cooper county, (also a Kentuckian), and settled on section nineteen and Willis Skelton to section eighteen. The first death was Mrs. Beller; and the first physician, Dr. Powerso as stated by Mr. Wyett; but Mr. Watson thinks the first religious services were by Rev. Martin Morgan, an Old School Baptist, at Wyett's. The first male child born in Watson's settlement was John L. Watson, son of Josiah and Rhoda Watson, who was born July 18, 1838.

Lane's Settlement - ... Mrs. Ruth Slaughter, a daughter of Mordecai Lane, says her father settled on the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of section six; but probably this settlement was a re-location. Lane was originally from Kentucky, but came directly from Chariton county here. Sometime after Lane had settled Amos Ladd came in from Illinois, in 1846; Alfred McDaniel from Virginia, in 1846 or 1847; Loyd Cash, J. M. Cash, and Thomas Wiley came to section fifteen in 1849.

The first death in the neighborhood was that of Jacob Ladd, who was buried on section twenty-two. Dr. J. F. Powers was the first regular physician. He came from Ohio in 1841, and settled on section fifteen. Dr. Powers died at Jefferson City in 1865. The first public school was taught in a school house that stood On section ten, in 1855, by Lloyd Cash.

Settlement of the southeast portion of the township Mr. W G. Hardin, living on section thirty -five, township fifty seven, range nineteen .. says the settlers in his neighborhood was Lemuel Henry who came from Tennessee at an early date - probably as early as 1850. Elijah Nelson came from Arkansas in 1856. ... The first marriage remembered in this community was that of Joseph Vanentine and Maria Lamber, which occurred in the fall of 1864. Ephraim Hardin; and the first death was that of his daughter Rebecca. The first practicing physician in the neighborhood was Dr. West of Chariton. Rev. Joseph Roberts of the Christian Church held the first religious services. Charles Clifton taught the first school therein.

Settlement in the Dr. Powers neighborhood. Dr. John F. Powers came to section ... on the first of April, 1841. He was from Youngstown, Ohio. When the doctor came there was then living in the community: Pulliam; John Lewellen, the Watsons. Prior to this in 1840, Bruce Brownlee had come to the county from Ohio, ... While Brownlee was here John Lewellen was acting justice of the peace.

THE TOWN OF BUCKLIN The first houses in the place were some railroad shanties. The first store was owned by Noah Caton. F. A. Davenport, son of Martin and Minerva Davenport, was born in December, 1855, and was the first child born in the place. The first female child was Sarah Austin, daughter of Russell and Oscia Austin... The first marriage was that of William Poole and Rachael Minick at the residence of Samuel Minick, in February, 1858. Esquire Shannon taught the first school, Reverend Mitchell, held the first religious services in the place, at the house of John L. Watson.