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MaryLynne's Genealogy Page
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Welcome to my page about my family tree and Missouri Genealogy & Research. Here you will find genealogical research aids for the state of Missouri. There are links for history, military, geography and maps, travel, and general topics. Also, featured are pages on these counties: Macon, Marion, and Monroe. Additionally, information about my family tree can be found under My Family Tree. Just click any of the links to explore. Along with the listed links, I will be adding information on all of these topics: general research tips, church history, census data, and more.

Missouri Quick Facts
Origin of State Name
Iliniwek Indian word  missouri - "owners of big canoes"
Tree - Flowering Dogwood
On June 20, 1955, the flowering dogwood (Cornus Florida L.) became the official tree. The tree is small in size, rarely growing over 40 feet in height or 18 inches in diameter. The dogwood sprouts tiny greenish-yellow flowers in clusters, with each flower surrounded by four white petals.
Nickname  - The Show-Me State
Rock - Mozarkite (chert)
Mozarkite was adopted as the official state rock on July 21, 1967 and appears in a variety of colors, most predominantly green, red or purple. It is most often found in Benton County.
Capital  - Jefferson City
The present Capitol, completed in 1917 and occupied the following year, is the third Capitol in Jefferson City and the sixth in Missouri history. The present Capitol was constructed for $4,215,000, including site and furnishings. It is five stories high, 437 feet long, 300 feet wide in the center and 200 feet wide in the wings. The dome is 238 feet high and the height of the wings is 88 feet. In includes 500,000 square feet of floor space. 
Mineral - Galena
Galena is the major source of lead ore and was designated the state mineral on July 21, 1967. Missouri is the top producer of lead. Galena  is dark gray in color and breaks into small cubes.
Entered Union
August 10,1821 - 24th state
Animal - Missouri Mule
On May 31, 1995, the governor signed a bill making the Missouri mule the official state animal. Missouri mules pulled pioneer wagons to the Wild West during the 19th century and played a crucial role in moving troops and supplies in World Wars I and II.
Salus populi suprema lex esto  - The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law.
State Song - Missouri Waltz
The "Missouri Waltz" became the state song under an act adopted by the General Assembly on June 30, 1949. The song came from a melody by John V. Eppel and was arranged by Frederic Knight Logan, using lyrics written by J.R. Shannon.
The flag consists of three horizontal stripes of red, white and blue. These represent valor, purity, vigilance and justice. In the center white stripe is the Missouri coat-of-arms, circled by a blue band containing 24 stars, denoting that Missouri was the 24th state.
State Musical Instrument - Fiddle
The fiddle became the state's official musical instrument on July 17, 1987. Brought to Missouri in the late 1700s by fur traders and settlers, the fiddle quickly became popular. The instrument was adaptable to many forms of music, could be played without extensive formal training and was light and easy to carry. 
Official Seal

Coat of arms surrounded by the words - "The Great State of Missouri"

State Tree Nut - Eastern Black Walnut
The Eastern Black Walnut  became the state tree nut on July 9, 1990. The nut has a variety of uses. The meat is used in ice cream, baked goods and candies. The shell provides the soft grit abrasive used in metal cleaning and polishing and oil well drilling, and is also used in
paint products and as a filler in dynamite.
Bird - Bluebird
On March 30, 1927, the native bluebird became the official state bird.
The bluebird is considered a symbol of happiness.
State Insect - Honey Bee
On July 3, 1985, Governor John Ashcroft signed a bill designating the honeybee as Missouri's state insect. The honeybee is common to Missouri and is cultivated by beekeepers for honey production.
Flower - Hawthorn blossom
The hawthorn blossoms have greenish-yellow centers and form in white clusters. More than 75 species of the hawthorn grow in Missouri, particularly in the Ozarks.
State Folk Dance - Square Dance
The square dance was adopted as Missouri's official American folk dance on May 31, 1995. Square dances are derived from folk and courtship dances brought to the United States by European immigrants.

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